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Australian Research Council (ARC) Grant Success

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 15:19
Congratulations to all colleagues in the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences who have been awarded Discovery Grants.

The Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences has yet again been extremely successful in the ARC Discovery Grant Round, being awarded over $2 million in funding. Awards were made to:

  1. Nick Allen and colleagues. Do family environments influence children's brain development during the transition to adolescence? $623,000.
  2. Rob Hester. Learning from errors: Examining the neural mechanisms underlying performance monitoring and adaptive behaviour. $225,000.
  3. Yoshi Kashima, David Sewell, and colleagues. Collective self-regulation: the case of climate change mitigation. $410,000.
  4. Yoshi Kashima, Garry Robins, and colleagues. Co-evolutionary dynamics of culture and social structure. $414,000.
  5. Garry Robins and Pip Pattison. Network structure and social processes in empirical social systems. $362,000.

In total the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences has secured over 8% of funding for all ARC Discovery Grants awarded to the University of Melbourne, adding to the $2.4 million awarded in 2011.

In 2011, awards were made to:

  1. Professor Nick Haslam ($339,446): Humans as animals and objects: the psychology of dehumanisation.
  2. Dr Dan Little ($245,000): Feature processing in categorisation: modelling the time course of perceptual decision making.
  3. Dr Dan Little ($765,000): From fluid intelligence to crystallised expertise: an integrative Bayesian approach (along with Professor Stephan Lewandowsky; and Associate Professors Thomas Griffiths & Adam Sanborn).
  4. Associate Professors Neil McLachlan & Sarah Wilson ($180,000): From sound to hearing: the integration of behavioural, neurophysiological, and neuroimaging research with computational models.
  5. Professor John Trinder, Dr Amy Jordan, & Dr Christian Nicholas ($255,000): Common synaptic inputs to human upper airway muscles (along with Dr John Semmler).
  6. Professors Nick Allen & John Trinder, & Dr Paul Dudgeon ($280,000): Early puberty and brain development: exploring the neurobiology of adolescent mental health (along with Dr Sarah Wittle; Professors George Patton, Chris Pantelis, and Stephen Wood; and Associate Professor Craig Olsson).
  7. Professor Pip Pattison ($330,000): New models and analyses for social networks and criminological careers (along with Professors Murray Aitkin & Brian Francis).